LeBron James, Sportsman of The Year and Social Media

LeBron James has added yet another accolade to his proliferate career—and being named as the Sportsman of the year by Sports illustrated is yet another deserving honor.  

Lets just be honest, the man is an amazing athlete and well deserving of the championship he has won, and the accomplishments he has made thus far.

But what about LeBron makes him stand out among other athletes such as teammate Dwayne Wade, Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, and New York Knick’s savior Carmelo Anthony (who is my favorite player by the way). Well for starters the man is a beast on the court and extremely versatile. Already averaging 25.9 points per game this season, Lebron continually elevates his game to the next level. He is able to esentially play any role on the court—a point guard facilitating offense, a go-to-guy when its time to take the big shot, and most importantly a leader. So congrats LeBron, you deserve it. 

So your probably wondering “…hmm why has she included social media in the topic?” Well, in today age social media is taking over and becoming the platform for delivering an abundance of news. As a matter of fact, I would not have known that LeBron received this award if it wasn’t for Twitter. 

Twitter serves a platform to keep connecte when you just dont have to time to watch the news, or if you jut kinda wanna be informed about different things that are going on. Because I follow both Sports Illustrated and LeBron James on twitter, not only was I able to immediately find thi information out but I was also able to read about LeBrons reactions. Isn’t it crazy how twitter and social media can serve as such a means of connectedness? Or, I bet you wouldnt even have thought to connect these two different aspects together under one topic. Well the truth is, sports ans social media is a relationship that thrives off of one another.

Congratulations LeBron—an amazing athlete, and extremely deserving 

Congratulations LeBron—an amazing athlete, and extremely deserving 

Not too often you run across this..

Not too often you run across this..

Game 3

Ok.. So as I expected the Heat won game 3, BUT there are some definite improvements that need to be made before game four if they think they’re going to win this series. Firs off, the shot selection from each team needs to be reevaluated. Viewing the game it’s obvious which shots are forced and which ones aren’t. Secondly Chris Bosh needs to toughen up and become a greater factor, and Dwayne Wade needs to select better shots and reduce the amount of turn overs. Although this may be exciting for our heat fan to see them up two games lets keep in min that OKC is still a great team, and for most of the game it was relatively close. Until next time you guys!! ✌

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